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Sufism revives the original message found in all religions


by Murshid Shaykh Taner Ansari

In Sufism, we take religion back to its origins and revive it. What is the name of our Pir, Abdul Qadir al Geylani? It is Muhyiddin and that means “reviver of the religion.” What is the name of my Shaykh? Muhyiddin Ansari which also means “reviver of the religion.” So we have to revive the philosophy of what you call “religion.” What we are really reviving is the message of Allah.

We show people Allah’s answers to the important questions: Why does Allah want to talk to you? Why is He giving you this message? What are you going to do with Allah’s message? Do you understand the message? How are you going to accomplish the purpose for which Allah gave this to you?

We don’t call Sufism a religion, we call it tariqat, which means “the path.” It is a body of knowledge including the whats, whys and how to’s that exist in order to help people get to the target. We first teach you the batin, the inner purpose and meaning, then we give you the zahir, the outer form. In metaphorical terms, we teach you that if you want to keep food, you have to put it in the refrigerator or dry it or preserve it. Then we show you a few methods to help you succeed.

You have to understand both the inner and the outer. That is why you have a head-it is created so that you can have understanding and do the right thing in the best manner possible. The head is not just a place to hang your hat.


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