About Ansari UK

Welcome to the web site of Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order of the United Kingdom.

We are a Sufi order whose origins started with two Sufi Saints: Shaykh Abdul Qadir Geylani and Shaykh Ahmed Rifai. Our Tradition is one of inclusiveness and of welcoming.

This tradition has passed down to us through the current Spiritual Guide of the order: Shaykh Taner Ansari, who now resides in New York with his wife, Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari. Together, they are helping to establish Sufism in the West.


Picture: Shaykh Taner Ansari (left) and Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari (right)

This web site serves to list all relevant events organised by the UK branch of the Qadiri Rifai Ansari Sufi Order. We perform weekly Sufi Zikr in Notting Hill (London) and open up healing appointments when Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari visit us in London. We have also organised other events such as healing workshops, nature walks learning the Names of Allah, Introduction to Sufism workshops, etc. We may also list related events organised by our students, where relevant.

If you have any queries regarding our Order or Sufism in general, please contact us using the information listed in the Contact page and/or visit the links provided.

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