As-Salaamu Alaykum — Peace Be on You

Warm welcome to the official site of the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order of United Kingdom. The lineage of the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi order is developed through several great Sufi Saints. The first are Shaykh Abdul Qadir Geylani and Shaykh Ahmad Rifa’i in the 11th century. Through the centuries these teachings pass from teacher to student, helping countless hearts find peace and contentment. And later in the 1970’s Shaykh Muhyiddin Ansari started the tariqa in his own name. Today we are known as the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa and our living Pir (leader) is Shaykh Taner Ansari.

The Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa has no political affiliations whatsoever. We welcome all those who come in peace. The teachings of Sufism apply to all people, regardless of gender. 

Our principle is based on “Love, Peace and Togetherness in Goodness”.  Our mission is to promote the AQRT teachings and principles of Sufism, a personal spiritual process to attain closeness to the Creator through love, togetherness, service, peace and harmony.  Our path involves Sufi Zikr (Remembrance of God through repetition of His Most Beautiful Names), service to humanity, meditation, health and well-being, contemplation and respect for the environment. 

Sufism  is  founded  on  the  Holy  Quran,  the  Holy  Scriptures and the  teachings  of  the Prophet  Muhammad  and other  Prophets (peace  be  upon  them). We believe that the teachings of Sufism transcends all religions and faiths. Sufism promotes harmonious living with all communities and faiths.