Our purpose

Our purpose:

1.To advance the religion of Islam, in particular Sufi practices and teachings, for public benefit, by organising regular prayer meetings, lectures, celebration of religious festivals and  literature on Sufism to educate others about Islam and Sufism.

  2. The promotion of religious harmony for the benefit of the public by promoting knowledge and mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different religious faiths through the organisation, participation and support of interfaith events and partnership activities within the United Kingdom.

3. The relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.


The teachings of Islam are based on the Oneness of God and promote the principles of peace, tolerance and love. One of the main tenets of our Sufi Order is service to humanity and is designed take the murid (student) through the different levels of nafs, thereby cleaning the obstruction from the spiritual heart, which is the place of connection between Allah and the human being. Our teaching is open to people of all faiths or none and who come in peace. We welcome both men and women and support diversity and equality.

The AQRT-UK provides a variety of religious education, which can be accessed through the weekly Sufi zikr, 1:1 sessions with Sufi teachers, via social media, and/or through special events, e.g. conferences, workshops, spiritual consultations and training. AQRT-UK strives to promote unity and harmony between religious and non-religious groups.

Sufi Meditation requires its practitioners to focus and act on these principles in their daily life and environment and promote these from the inner being to their surroundings. We believe meditation is an inclusive practice, open and accessible to practitioners of all faiths and no faiths. It bridges the gap between religious differences and practice.

In Sufi practice, meditation is used to help the mind focus inwards to help the beneficiaries to know themselves in order to know God. Different Sufi orders employ different forms of zikr or remembrance. Some whirl, while others sit in silent meditation. Zikr meditation can take the form of individual or congregational practice and may be both silent and vocal.

The Sufi zikr offered by AQRT-UK includes several spiritual practices such as recitation of the names of God, recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, singing of Sufi poems and hymns, sacred movements, prayers for humanity, breathing and contemplation on attaining a close and loving relationship to Allah. Meditation also has been shown to be valuable in reducing stress and promoting overall well-being. This meditation thus advances the religion and promotes belief in Islam through this focus on Allah.