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Allah’s magnificence in you comes with your surrender


Shaykh_London2013From: Murshid Shaykh Taner Ansari

Allah is wise. Allah is merciful. Allah is all knowing. Allah is the accountant. Whatever attributes that are covering you and that you are utilizing are Allah’s. Allah is using you to manifest these attributes in different degrees.

As your surrender increases, this manifestation increases in you according to Allah’s will, not according to your will. Whoever Allah loves and manifests His qualities to a greater degree is closer to Allah. However much of Allah’s magnificence is being manifested in you, it belongs to Allah. Everything is Allah’s. We have nothing.

At times, some people refer to a shaykh as a big shaykh. What’s a big shaykh? A big shaykh is the one who has surrendered more than anybody else has. Allah’s manifestation of His attributes is more in him than in anybody else.


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