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Urs of Shaykh Muhyddin Ansari – Grand Shaykh of Ansari Qadiri Rifai Order

shaykhmuhyiddinansariAnsari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Tariqa celebrates the Urs (union of the devotee with his Beloved) of Shaykh Muhyiddin Ansari, who is our Grand Shaykh, and the Shaykh of our Shaykh, Murshid Shaykh Taner Ansari.

Below is a chapter from the book, “What About My Wood?” by Murshid Shaykh Taner Ansari.

Chapter: Shaykh Muhyiddin’s Treasure

For Shaykh Muhyiddin Ansari, it was very important not to break anyone’s heart, as it should be for all Sufis. Sufis should be able to get along with everyone. When Muhyiddin Baba was with children, he acted as a child. When he was with adults, he acted as an adult. He went along with the mentality of the person with whom he happened to be keeping company.

One day, a friend of his invited him to go on a treasure hunt. He thought that since Muhyiddin Baba was a shaykh, he would be able to help find the treasure with his special powers. Shaykh Muhyiddin consented to go and took one of his young dervishes along.

While they were digging here and there, the young dervish thought, “Why is my shaykh looking for treasure?”

The shaykh was able to read the dervish’s thoughts and said, “My Son, I don’t do this to get rich. Come here, son, let me show you something.” He grabbed a handful of earth and said, “Be gold.” The dirt instantly became a handful of gold.

Shaykh Muhyiddin said, “If I want, I can do this. But I will not. I came here only because I didn’t want to break my friend’s heart. If I want, I can turn anything to gold, just like that. But we obey Allah’s decrees. We don’t try to override them. We want to be natural, simple, and to not do anything against the laws of nature.”

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‘The Mirage of Angels’: Special performance, Sufi poetry, and meditation (2nd April, 7 PM – 9:45 PM, The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden)

“An exploding horizon of Wings.

We cascade down sheering radiance, our faces burnt from the limitless sun, to receive a boy of ten in oversized Rambo T-shirt playing with other hazel-eyed children outside a white-walled house, and together dance with him to death.”

From ‘The Book of Naseeb’

RECORDING ANGELS, 1280. Manuscript illumination from The Wonders of Creation ('Aja'ib al Makhluqat) of al-Qazwini, Iraq, 1280.
RECORDING ANGELS, 1280. Manuscript illumination from The Wonders of Creation (‘Aja’ib al Makhluqat) of al-Qazwini, Iraq, 1280.

This event features a specially curated performance from ‘The Book of Naseeb’. Musicians and reader, Michael McLellan and Khaled Hakim (electric violin and loops, frame-drums and voice) weave excerpts from a poetic text which imagines the life of a petty criminal as written by his Recording Angels. This work-in-progress which draws on both modernist and Quranic language forms the centre of our evening.

We have two more guest readings of spiritual writing-in-progress: Jane Silk’s open meditations draw on initial studies in Islamic and Sufi thought and then spiritual awakening in Isfahan; Michael McLellan has been distilling spiritual experience and practice into a writing seeking its own form.

As always we keep our floor open to contributions of original poetry or music from our audience.

Ending with a Sufi zikr- a traditional meditation of remembrance with chanting, movement, breathing, and music, which closes with prayers for humanity and the planet.

Event details

Saturday, 2nd April 2016
Poetry Cafe

22 Betterton St, Covent Garden, London, WCH2 9BX
7pm to 9:45pm

Please note: the Sufi zikr at approximately 8.45pm is FREE and you are welcome to come only for the zikr.

£8 on the door (includes copy of opening chapter of ‘The Book of Naseeb’)


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October 2015 UK Visit by Heads of Ansari Sufi Order, Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari

Dear all,

Shaykh Taner and his wife, Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari, who are the Heads of our Sufi Order, will be visiting London from 16th – 29th October 2015.

We warmly welcome you to three events where they will be leading / giving talks – below is a summary of events, and we will also detail these events in subsequent posts.

In addition to the events, you can also contact us for private consultation and/or Sufi Healing. These are by appointment only. Please contact Shaykha Rita (07941 653337) or Shaykh Reeyaaz (07875569921)

UK Events (click the title of the event for more details)

  1. Living from the Heart (Interfaith Dialogues) – a Sufi perspective of spirituality in the 21st century
    18th October, 11 AM, Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church, TW10 6TH
  2. Sufi Zikr (Meditation), Monday 19th October, 7:30 PM, Kensington Unitarian Church, W8 4RT (Dinner provided)
  3. Sufi Zikr (Meditation), Monday 26th October, 7:30 PM, Kensington Unitarian Church, W8 4RT (Dinner provided)

It would be excellent to see you at the events. Please contact Shaykha Rita (07941 653337) or Shaykh Reeyaaz (07875569921) for any queries on the events or private/healing appointments.

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Living from the Heart (Interfaith Dialogues) – with a talk by Shaykh Taner Ansari, Grand Shaykh of Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order

An interfaith event, Living from the Heart, organised by Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church.

Shaykh Taner Ansari

We are proud to announce that the Grand Shaykh Taner Ansari of the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order will be delivering an address at Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church on the theme of:

A Sufi perspective of spirituality in the twenty-first century.

There will also be a bring-and-share lunch following the service to which you are all warmly invited.

Date: 18 October, Sunday
Time: 11 AM
Venue: Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church, Ormond Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6TH

For enquiries, please contact: for further details.

Full schedule:

  • 1030 arrivals and greetings
  • 1100 joint service begins

Opening sentences
Lighting of the chalice
Chant- come, come, whoever you are
Reading Ibn Arabi on different religions
Sharing the peace
Chant- From you I receive
Reading- Vivekananda- Universal religion
Introduction of and talk by Shaykh Ansari (20 mins)
Musical Voluntary
Reflective silence (5 mins)
Closing prayer for togetherness and peace
Q and A (15 mins)
Closing music

  • 1230 refreshments (20 mins)

Zikr (15 mins)
Lunch and fellowship

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Putting Love into Circulation


Shaykh Taner & Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari
Murshid Shaykh Taner & Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Allah created this entire universe, for love. He wanted to be seen, He wanted to be admired, and He wanted to be loved without force, without compulsion. Allah says in Quran-i-Kerim that there is no compulsion in religion. We cannot compel these things. If He wanted, everybody would believe, but He wants these things to be done voluntarily, on our own. We have to come to the recognition of this and admire God and love God and profess this.

After that comes the neighbourhood. Are you a good neighbour to your neighbours? Do you check them to see if they have food? Are they suffering? Do they need your help? Of course, in the United States it is a little difficult to do this. At least make sure they are not complaining about you. If they are not complaining about you, then you are a good neighbour. You are doing OK.

After you are good to your neighbours and you don’t abuse their rights, then your duty is to your town, then to your nation, then to the whole world and to the human race.