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We would like to invite you all, who comes in peace, to join our Spiritual Teachers Shaykh Taner and his wife Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari on Monday 21st August 2017 at the Essex Unitarian Church in Notting Hill Gate (W8 4RT) for a zikr/sufi meditation and talk.

For more information please contact 07941653337.


Striving to promote the Sufi principles of Love, Peace and Togetherness for Goodness

Ya Wadud, Ya Salaam, Ya Jami, Ya Nafi


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Potluck in the Hyde Park Sunday 16th July 2017

Dear Ansari family and friends

AQRT UK would like to invite all our Ansari family and friends for a Potluck in the Park on the 16th July  around 11:00 am in Hyde Park (near the Serpentine) as part of celebrating Eid and also the beautiful summer we are having.

Please feel free to bring your family and friends along. For those who are not sure what a Potluck is, it’s basically bringing your own food and making it part of the bigger meal for all.

The nearest Tube station is Lancaster Gate or Queensway in Bayswater.

We look forward to seeing you all.

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Eid Message from Murshid Shaykh Taner Ansari

“Allah is Nafi, Beneficial.  He does good things. Today’s message for you is about being positive. Why does Allah specify what we should eat and what we shouldn’t eat?
The whole thing depends on purity. Allah created us from Rahman er Rahim, Allah’s basic ingredients. If you go to the opposite you get Jabbar and Qahar. We are not happy here, violence does not make us happy. We are created for love and we need a habitat for love. We need to purify our body & mind.
There are two aspects we need to work on:
*1. Do not complain!*
When you complain, you are transmitting negative vibrations which is going to your brain, blocking positive vibration. What is the root of your complaint?
You, you, you and your lack of power to control the situation. Well, get used to it, you don’t have any power.  When you don’t complain you will be happier.
*2. Do not judge*
When you see somebody’s incompleteness which you will, then do not judge or attack that person in your mind. Stop that! Because this means that you are still in the negative.
Allah wants positivity,  you are created for love. You still have to learn this within yourselves, but if you work on this, it is going to happen. I know it takes time but if you intend, Allah is going to make it happen. Make peace with those who you are angry with and visit relatives. The purpose of this world is for us to be a habitat for love. “
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Night of Power

This is for the Murids of AQRT. The Muhibs are welcome to celebrate with us.

Dear Murids, A/A

General procedures for special nights and occasions

  1. Do namaz.
  2. Do your daily assignment.
  3. Do the special zikr, prayer, dua.

Lailat-ul-Qadr will be on the 24th night of Ramadan, the evening of 19th of June for South Africa, Turkey, Europe, Australia and on the 25th night of Ramadan, the evening of the 20th of June for the USA and Mexico .


June 19, 2017/Ramadan 24, 1438, (in US and Mexico June 20, 2017/Ramadan 25, 1428) after you do namaz and your daily assignment, do the following special prayers, zikr and dua:

  1. 2 raqat MidnightNamaz; in each raqat 101 times Surat-ul Ikhlas

(Midnight Prayer is not at midnight, but in the middle of the Isha and Fajar pray timewise. Consider the number of hours between Isha time and Fajr time. Divide by two. That’s the midnight prayer time. For example, if Isha is at 8 pmand Fajr at 6 am, then between 8 pm and 6 am there are 10 hours. (10 / 2 = 5) In this case, midnight prayer is at 1 am.

  1. 101 Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
  2. 3 times each read both the Qadiri and Rifai Virds
  3. 101    Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Subhane Rabbika Rabbil-Izzati amma yasifun.

Wa Salamun ‘alal-Mursalin.

Wal hamdu lillahi Rabbil Alamin. (37:180-182)

  1. 7 times Surat-ul Qadir (97)
  2. 501 (Thinking of the world) Ya Hadi Ya Haqq Ya Rashid Ya Salaam
  3. 101 each Positivity Prayers for your family (attached)
  4. Make Dua for your Shaykh and Shaykha, and for your descendants, and the pirs and their families.


Do the best you can!

Salaams and love.Positivity Prayers_4-6-17